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04 September 2017

University authors win NSW Premier’s History Awards

Three University of Sydney authors have won NSW Premier's History Awards for 2017. The trio were honoured at an awards ceremony to mark NSW History Week.

04 September 2017

Youth mental health: what's needed is more research

One in four young people will develop a mental illness, with half of those going on to have life-long challenges. In the past, treatment could be haphazard but the Brain and Mind Centre is advancing ideas to change that.

04 September 2017

How to help injured wildlife

Losing his mother in a dog attack last December, tiny koala joey, Willy, faced an uncertain future. Now thanks to the care of University of Sydney Veterinarian, Dr Bree Talbot, Willy is getting ready to be released back into the bush. 

04 September 2017

How to improve wildlife conservation in Australia

With World Wildlife Day and Threatened Species Day both celebrated this week, it's important to discuss the fragility of our ecosystems and what can be done to ensure the survival of our native animals. 

04 September 2017

How insects are solving our problems in the city

How can insects, slime mould and other brainless organisms help us plan transport systems and build the smart cities of the future? Dr Tanya Latty explains in this Open for Discussion podcast episode.

04 September 2017

24 powerful hours - Pave the Way

Across the University, researchers are striving to transform lives and graduates are taking their skills into the world. But breakthroughs are a team effort and many are only made possible by the generosity of our community.