24 powerful hours - Pave the Way

4 September 2017

Across the University, researchers are striving to transform lives and graduates are taking their skills into the world. But breakthroughs are a team effort and many are only made possible by the generosity of our community.

That’s why on 18 September our community came together to raise funds for the areas in greatest need. Called Pave the Way, it was a 24-hour fundraising challenge that supported a variety of causes so that we can make a difference. This year, Pave the Way supported causes that are more important than ever.


Protecting a national icon

It's thought that the koala's only source of water is through eucalyptus leaves, but rising temperatures and long periods of drought are drying out trees. Dehydrated koalas are dropping from trees at an alarming rate. You can help us install drinking stations for our koalas so they can have safe access to the water they so desperately need to survive.

Improving youth mental health

One in four young Australians will develop a mental illness, and yet national funding leaves a big gap when it comes to mental health. The University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre has stepped up to bridge that gap, providing research, treatment and online help – all of which require funding.

Creating a lifetime love of literature

It’s easy to make the case that the arts, literature and humanities are a hugely enriching basis for an education. But not all high school students realise that when they’re thinking about their future studies.  The Widening Participation in English program brings University of Sydney academics to schools in Western Sydney, regional and rural NSW in order to show students how rewarding the arts can be – and allows the students to visit the University to see for themselves.

Giving refugees the best start

Many refugees arrive in Australia alone, having escaped violence or persecution, and then find themselves unable to communicate. The University established the completely donor-funded and volunteer-run Refugee Language Program to not only teach refugees English, but to equip them with the skills they need to find work and enjoy the Australian way of life.

Helping more students attend university

Many of Australia’s brightest young students come from regional and rural areas, which can make studying in Sydney daunting and often financially impossible. The University of Sydney’s Student Scholarship Fund gives these students the chance to fulfil their potential.

Saving wildlife in need

Australia’s wildlife is precious, and needs to be protected and cared for. The University of Sydney’s Avian, Reptile and Exotic Pet Hospital relies entirely on donor funding to provide our injured wildlife with the care they need to be released back into the wild.