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22 March 2018

3D printing moves into biomedical engineering

3D printing was a revelation. Now, it's a revolution, with biomedical 3D printing promising to create human tissue and body parts. Our researchers lead the field as they work to repair damaged heart tissue and replace bone.
21 March 2018

Celebrating World Poetry Day

On World Poetry Day, Australian poet and newly announced Education Writer-in-Residence Mark Tredinnick speaks of the beauty and the potential of the poetic art form.
21 March 2018

Acclaimed poet named Writer-in-Residence on World Poetry Day

To coincide with World Poetry Day on 21 March, the University of Sydney has named renowned Australian poet, author and teacher Mark Tredinnick as its School of Education and Social Work 2018 Writer-in-Residence.
20 March 2018

First for radio astronomers in gravitational waves breakthrough

The historic first detection of gravitational waves caused a media frenzy and put our radio astronomers in the spotlight. As part of the first team to pinpoint where the waves originated, they became part of the story.
19 March 2018

Sydney's oldest bin chickens get a check-up

The scanning at the University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital showed one mummy contains a whole, but fragmented, adult ibis and the other two baby ibises.
16 March 2018

The University of Sydney teams up with Sydney Writers’ Festival

The University of Sydney is excited to announce its partnership with the Sydney Writers' Festival for the seventh year running.
16 March 2018

How the CPAP machine beats deadly sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea was killing people long before its prevalence was recognised. By inventing the CPAP machine, Colin Sullivan highlighted the problem and saved lives. He also galvanised the now important field of sleep research.
16 March 2018

Australian artists go international, thanks to Paris fellowship

From fierce feminist films to drawings that beautify housing estates: Australian artists are bringing their work to the world, with help from a residency that provides the time and space to focus on big ideas.
15 March 2018

University welcomes future research leaders

After an international call, the University of Sydney has appointed 10 high-achieving postdoctoral researchers to its flagship external fellowship scheme.
14 March 2018

Breeding trouble: study finds fishy issues with captive stocks

Sydney scientists have found captive-born animals have on average almost half the odds of reproductive success compared to their wild-born counterparts in captivity; in aquaculture, the effects were particularly pronounced.