27 May 2019

Strewth! Turns out your kelpie is not a dingo

Many kelpie owners wonder if their dog has a little bit of dingo in them. Some believe the kelpie was bred with the dingo to make them more resilient to the Australian climate. New research suggests this may be bush folklore.
22 May 2019

Planning Australia's healthy built environments

University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning academic Dr Jennifer Kent looks into research that shines a light on the links between land-use planning and human health.
22 May 2019

Experts ask authority to hold oil giant to account on Bight plan

A group of energy and natural resource experts, led by the University of Sydney, is calling on Australia's regulator to hold Norwegian oil company Equinor to account over its proposal to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight.
21 May 2019

Sydney lights up for Vivid 2019

Vivid Sydney is back, and it's bigger than ever. Students, alumni and academic staff from the University of Sydney once again feature across the program, exploring the intersection of art, technology and commerce.

21 May 2019

Sydney ranked among Australia's 20 most attractive employers

The University of Sydney has been voted as Australia's 13th most attractive employer, based on data collected from 10,000 Australian workers by Randstad.
21 May 2019

University of Sydney design students 'hack' needle phobias

Students from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning participated in a 'hackathon' at the Westmead Education and Conference Centre in Westmead Hospital on 12 April to support children with severe needle phobias.
20 May 2019

Scientists rush to support complex insight into obesity

Playwright Alana Valentine has been delighted by responses from scientists to her work Made to Measure, now playing at the Seymour Centre.
20 May 2019

Sydney experts advocate for inclusivity at the OECD

Intergenerational inequality creating a new class system, the need to apply a gender lens on the future of work and women in STEMM are some of the key arguments University of Sydney academics will make at the 2019 OECD Forum.
20 May 2019

How refugee and geneticist Monkol Lek is curing his own disease

Living in western Sydney and in his early twenties, Monkol Lek was struck with a rare medical condition - muscular dystrophy. Now his groundbreaking research could be game changing for people living with the condition.
20 May 2019

Find your calling this National Volunteer Week

The University offers a range of volunteering opportunities that anyone can get involved in. There's a lot to choose from, so we've created a brief guide to help you find the right 'fit'.