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05 June 2019

Hillary and hashtags: how young female voters think

Females aged 18 to 30 in London and Sydney have faith in the political system, yet are often disenchanted with the governmental status quo, new University of Sydney research has found.
05 June 2019

Cannibalism is a double-whammy for cell health

University of Sydney PhD student Hugh Ford has developed a mathematical model tested by experiment that shows cell cannibalism is an important driver in the build-up of cholesterol.
05 June 2019

Soutphommasane pays tribute to pioneering female activist

Professor of Practice Tim Soutphommasane delivered a speech to the Jessie Street Trust annual lunch, where he lauded the human rights campaigner and University of Sydney alumna's legacy and explained how it resonates today.
03 June 2019

Every week counts towards the end of pregnancy

Healthcare professionals and expectant mums are being targeted in a new campaign called Every Week Counts, which aims to tackle the trend of giving birth before 39 to 40 weeks.
03 June 2019

Dutch-Australian composer Meta Overman honoured with new opera

Sydney Conservatorium of Music Associate Professor Jeanell Carrigan has dedicated years researching women composers of Australia. Her research into Dutch-Australian composer, Meta Overman results in a new performance of Overman's opera Psyche on 17 August.