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24 July 2019

Shakespeare and Opera in the Twenty-first Century

Research into the study of contemporary operatic adaptation of Shakespeare reveals a renewed and growing interest by composers and librettists in Shakespeare as a source for many new operatic works.
24 July 2019

Cane toad testes smaller at the invasion front

Cane toads face different evolutionary pressures at the edge of their territory. In new research Emeritus Professor Rick Shine shows that the invasive species, toxic to native predators, has smaller testicles the further from its settled territory.
22 July 2019

Saving our sea lions

For the first time, a colony of sea lions in Australia will be treated with a topical anti-parasiticide and then monitored long term for health and survival.
22 July 2019

Global experts to discuss risks facing children on the move

Being held at the University of Sydney this week, the inaugural Children, Migration and the Right to Health Conference will examine key issues facing the world's child migrants.
19 July 2019

50th anniversary of the moon landing: Sydney experts weigh in

On 20 July, 1969 the Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. Fifty years later, science and engineering academics from the University of Sydney reflect on the important milestone and predict what the future holds for space exploration.
18 July 2019

5 ways Sydney researchers are reducing the burden of diabetes

During National Diabetes Week, we take a look at 5 of our recent studies that aim to reduce the burden of diabetes, both in Australia and abroad.
18 July 2019

When science orchestrates music

As part of Innovation Week 2019 celebrations, Sydney Conservatorium of Music student, Christine Pan joins the dots between music and science through a new composition influenced by quantum theory.
17 July 2019

Sydney rises in Times Higher Education global reputation ranking

The University of Sydney has moved into second place in Australia in the 2019 Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings.
17 July 2019

A new solution to countering bad science in forensics

Led by a University of Sydney law and psychology expert, an international group of researchers are calling for forensic science to become more open in the interests of justice.
17 July 2019

It could pay to get personal at work - here's why

Faculty of Engineering academics, Associate Professor Julien Pollack and Dr Petr Matous, have conducted research that suggests sharing a bit more in the workplace can be both personally rewarding and beneficial.