11 September 2019

Sydney's Q-CTRL leaps into top-10 of global quantum tech start-ups

Q-CTRL's success reflects more than a decade of investment in long-term, fundamental science. The company is now a global partner for the emerging quantum tech industry.
10 September 2019

Academics celebrated as AFR Women of Influence

The seventh year of the Australian Financial Review's 100 Women of Influence list again recognises the contribution of our women academics to the community.
09 September 2019

The school that students built: hands-on learning in Vanuatu

A squatter community on the outskirts of Vanuatu's capital will soon have its first school, thanks to Sydney architecture students and a crowdfunding campaign.
09 September 2019

Payne-Scott distinctions for academic excellence announced

Four academics from diverse research fields in aquatic robotics, human obesity, psycho-oncology and bioengineering, have been appointed the third cohort of Payne-Scott Professorial Distinctions.
06 September 2019

Tasmanian devils: How close are we to saving them?

Ahead of National Threatened Species Day on 7 September a new book offers an update on the campaign to save the Tasmanian devil, which has experienced a dramatic reduction in its population.
06 September 2019

Ripple effect of toxic executives in schools

Written by University of Sydney and UTS academics, a new paper decodes destructive school leadership and its harmful, pervasive consequences.
04 September 2019

The University of Sydney scholarships that help students soar

Scholarships at the University of Sydney give more than just financial support. They instil confidence and a drive to succeed. For these five students, donor-funded scholarships changed everything.

04 September 2019

Climate increasingly a mainstream health issue

Sydney has led a new Lancet comment on global warming and health; its publication came ahead of the latest declaration on climate as a health emergency, this time by the Australian Medical Association. Our experts explain why.
04 September 2019

University of Sydney signs MoU with criminology leader

The University of Sydney, which has its own criminology research centre, will officially expand its joint operations with the government crime research agency.
03 September 2019

How can you reduce your pet's eco paw-print?

Experts discuss how to reduce your companion animal's carbon footprint at the 9th Annual Robert Dixon Memorial Animal Welfare Symposium in the School of Veterinary Science.