01 September 2020

Update on the University of Sydney's financial position

The Vice Chancellor wrote to staff today to advise them of the next steps we are taking in an effort to ensure we are as financially prepared as we can be for the uncertain future we face.
01 September 2020

Confirmed case of COVID-19 briefly visited campus

Last night, NSW Health informed us that a member of the public who has since tested positive for COVID-19 briefly visited the Carslaw Building between 8-8.10pm on Friday 28 August.
01 September 2020

Young, innovative, connected: meet the new Australian-Chinese entrepreneurs

Chinese-Australian entrepreneurs start companies at a young age, are highly likely to be Australian university graduates and act as a bridge between the two countries' economies, according to new research from KPMG Australia and the University of Sydney.
01 September 2020

University invests in agriculture with multimillion-dollar research centre

International Centre of Crop and Digital Agriculture will assure world-class research at our Narrabri campus for global food security and agribusiness support for the 21st century.
01 September 2020

Scientists unlock crops' power to resist floods

Scientists at the universities of Oxford and Sydney have discovered the structure of an enzyme that helps control oxygen in crops. They hope it provides a platform to improve crop resistance to flooding.
01 September 2020

Humans' construction 'footprint' on ocean quantified

Thirty thousand square kilometres of our ocean has been developed, a new study led by the University of Sydney has found. Development is predicted to rapidly increase over the next decade.