18 November 2020

Is it time for Australians to stop cooking with gas?

It is time for a serious rethink on the way many of us cook and heat our homes, writes Dr Madeline Taylor and Professor Susan Park from the Sydney Environment Institute.
18 November 2020

Our unis need international students and must choose the high or low road

It is right that we have a robust debate about the international student presence on our campuses, writes Professor John Shields (Academic Director, International at the University of Sydney Business School).
18 November 2020

Can wearable tech predict COVID-19 and reveal how pandemics affect us?

University of Sydney researchers have joined an international US-led effort to discover if data from wearable tech like smartwatches and activity trackers could provide an early indication of COVID-19, as well as examine how pandemics change our lives.
18 November 2020

$12.8 million game changer for youth mental health

Strategic philanthropy directed at the Brain and Mind Centre suicide prevention work will see locally designed dynamic systems models embedded in eight Primary Health Networks, which can act as a blueprint for the nation.