02 February 2021

More affordable student housing in Darlington

A group of University of Sydney owned terraces on Darlington Road will be refurbished as part of a $40 million project designed to provide safer and more affordable accommodation for students.
02 February 2021

University community recognised with Australia Day honours

The University of Sydney congratulates our staff and alumni who have been acknowledged in the Australia Day Honours List 2021.

02 February 2021

How universities will contribute to the major events of 2021

University of Sydney Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Duncan Ivison discusses how universities will contribute to the major themes of 2021 - from COVID to climate.
02 February 2021

Sydney and Melbourne increasingly divided at homeownership level

Sydney and Melbourne are becoming divided at the home ownership level, with renters clustering with renters and homeowners with homeowners, new research reveals.
02 February 2021

Beyond qubits: the next big step to scale up quantum computing

Through the Microsoft partnership with the University, Professor David Reilly and colleagues have invented a device that operates at 40 times colder than deep space to directly control thousands of qubits, the building blocks of quantum technology.
02 February 2021

Human activity forces animals to move 70 percent further to survive

A world-first study has analysed 208 previous papers to quantify the impact of human activity on animal movement. DECRA Fellow Dr Tim Doherty warns the impacts threaten species survival and biodiversity.