07 July 2021

17th International Architecture Exhibition Venice Biennale

The Winanga-Li Aboriginal Child and Family Centre project co-designed by University of Sydney Architecture Lecturer Michael Mossman is currently on exhibition as part of the 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale Australian Pavilion, Inbetween.
07 July 2021

NSW Smart Sensing Network celebrates its fifth anniversary

Backed by the NSW Government, the NSW Smart Sensing Network brings together academia, industry and government to translate world-class smart-sensing research into compelling solutions. It is jointly led by Sydney Nano Director Professor Ben Eggleton.
07 July 2021

Voluntary betting controls are a bad gamble

Voluntary gambling harm-reduction tools generally don't work as people don't use them, a new study finds. Though mandating that people set deposit limits - or opt-out of setting them - is a promising mechanism to curb problem gambling.
07 July 2021

Why our brains see human faces everywhere

Our brain is hardwired to see images of faces in everyday items. Neuroscientist Professor David Alais and colleagues have now discovered why - and why it is we can give those faces an emotional value.
07 July 2021

Study reveals how our immune system reacts to COVID-19 variants

Australian scientists researching how our immune system responds to COVID-19 have revealed that those infected by early variants in 2020 produced sustained antibodies, however, these antibodies are not as effective against contemporary variants of the virus.