30 July 2021

A museum curator's view: My 5 favourite things at the Chau Chak Wing Museum (for today)

From A-Z, the Chau Chak Wing Museum is full of fascinating objects and antiquities. Senior Curator of the Macleay Collections, Dr Jude Philp shares some of her favourites.

30 July 2021

Seymour Centre wins game changing national grant

The University of Sydney's Seymour Centre has been awarded a grant from the Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund, under the fourth batch of grants for Australia's creative and entertainment sector.
30 July 2021

Social distancing up but still inadequate to control outbreak

University of Sydney model released today finds if even 40 percent of the Greater Sydney population is vaccinated by mid-September, a stricter lockdown must continue until then.
30 July 2021

What psychology says about COVID non-compliers

People who purposefully breach COVID-19 regulations tend to share certain characteristics, finds a study of attitudes and behaviours in Australia, the UK, the US and Canada.
29 July 2021

Lockdown learning isn't really home schooling: 5 tips for parents

Education expert, Dr Nikki Brunker, says we are confusing the terminology. Using the term 'home schooling' to describe schooling during lockdown is disrespectful to both teachers and home schoolers.

29 July 2021

COVID aside, how we manage our health needs to change

Without action, inequality in health is going to increase exponentially together with global warming and environmental degradation.
28 July 2021

Earth's vital signs worsen amid 'business as usual' climate policy

Since a global declaration of a climate emergency by more than 11,000 scientists, our planet's health hasn't improved. Dr Thomas Newsome says Australia's megafires are just one feature of a problem that hasn't gone away.
28 July 2021

Do search engines influence you more than you think?

The Australian Search Experience is a citizen science project calling on Australian Internet users to help solve search engine secrets. Why do search engines order and display information the way they do? Help us find out.
27 July 2021

Confirmed case at School of Chemistry, Madsen Building

We received confirmation yesterday that a staff member in our School of Chemistry has tested positive for COVID-19, after their housemate tested positive last week.
26 July 2021

Over 150 computers donated for Aboriginal children’s home learning

It's hard enough for school students to learn from home during Greater Sydney's ongoing lockdown. But what if you don't even have a computer? A University staff member has organised a donation drive to rectify this issue for Aboriginal children in need.