29 October 2021

Facebook and the Metaverse: should we be worried about privacy?

Facebook has announced a name change for its holding company at its annual conference to reposition itself as more than a social media company. But what does it mean for user privacy?
29 October 2021

The bionic eye that could help blind people navigate the world

For people with impaired eyesight or no sight at all, the world is an enormous obstacle course. Professor Gregg Suaning is pushing vision capture and nerve stimulation technologies beyond their limits to help clear a path.
28 October 2021

Artist Sarah Goffman responds to the Chau Chak Wing Museum

A new exhibition at the Chau Chak Wing Museum uses recycled materials in its thoughtful, playful interaction with the collection.
28 October 2021

Workplaces can do better to support women following miscarriage: study

A new study led by the University of Sydney has found 68 percent of women who returned to work following a miscarriage reported receiving no support or negative support from their HR departments.
28 October 2021

Culling low-value care will cut healthcare's carbon emissions

Researchers are calling for a change in the model of clinical care in Australia to help lower carbon emission levels. One way is cutting down on unnecessary laboratory tests.
27 October 2021

What should we make of COP26?

What must world leaders do to secure the future of humanity? University of Sydney experts suggest the existential threat of climate change won't be solved by targets of 'net zero by 2050' - much more must be done.
27 October 2021

New research shows how hard it is for 'flying grannies' to care for their Australian grandkids

A new study shows how migrant families struggle to get the childcare they need and how an easier visa system would help, write Myra Hamilton, Elizabeth Hill and Angela Kintominas.
27 October 2021

University continues to excel in US News rankings

University continues its strong position in prestigious American rankings which rank 1,750 institutions on academic research and reputation.
25 October 2021

More than light detectors: the magic of your eyes' pupils

Around a decade ago, groundbreaking research found that pupils don't only detect light. Now, a new Nature Communications study finds they can perceive the amount of objects in a person's field of vision.
22 October 2021

What you need to know about women's economic abuse

Economic abuse cuts across cultural, age and socio-economic boundaries. But Australia still has a long way to go in understanding the complexity and depth of the problem, particularly for women.