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21 April 2022

Ross Steele named Honorary Fellow

Associate Professor Ross Steele AM, author of 37 books in French and English on subjects including French culture, language, and the teaching of the French language, has been named an Honorary Fellow.
20 April 2022

Jillian Skinner awarded honorary doctorate

The University of Sydney has awarded an honorary doctorate to The Honorable Jillian Skinner for her services to health, medical research, and politics in Australia.
19 April 2022

Advice from universities could confuse student UAC preferences

Students may be confused by university advice on how to list their course preferences when applying through University Admissions Centre. This could be solved with clearer advice, new research from the School of Economics finds.
19 April 2022

How to be a better manager, parent and teacher

A new study suggests that management, teaching, and parenting strategies that are "autonomy-supportive" rather than controlling unlock people's "good sides".
15 April 2022

Giant stars undergo dramatic weight loss program

A new, slimmer type of red giant star has been identified by astronomers, who liken their discovery to 'finding Wally'. Only around 40 of these stars exist amid a sea of thousands in the Milky Way.
14 April 2022

Reducing the risk of stroke and heart problems after surgery

Researchers from the University of Sydney and Westmead Hospital have been awarded $1.8 million to advance research into reducing the risk of stroke and heart complications in patients undergoing major surgery.
14 April 2022

Silicon-carbide modulator overcomes decades long 'missing block'

A collaboration with Harvard University has led to the development of a new-generation electro-optic modulator that could stamp out its bulky predecessor through the creation of a smaller, stronger, cooler, faster and cost-effective on-chip system.
13 April 2022

How healthy and safe are processed plant-based meat alternatives?

Processed meat alternatives like plant-based burger patties, sausages and nuggets are being marketed as a more sustainable, healthy alternative to meat, but are they all safe or nutritious?
13 April 2022

Your morning coffee could hasten species' extinction

Ahead of a global biodiversity convention, researchers find consumption in Europe, North America, and East Asia primarily drives species extinction risk in other countries.
11 April 2022

Using food, transport and energy technologies to fight climate change

University of Sydney scientists discuss how emerging technologies in the food, transport and energy sectors have great potential to address the climate challenge.