05 April 2022

Thinking public transport, electric cars and the roads we drive on

At the intersection where politics, individual egos and the public good collide, you'll find the University's Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies. In a time when transport is evolving dramatically, it works so public good survives the crash.

05 April 2022

Wind turbines, helicopters, weather and why turbulence matters

Analysing the turbulence in a gently flowing river might spoil the poetry of the moment. But if that gentle flow becomes a destructive torrent, understanding its behaviour becomes crucial. Professor Ben Thornber is working to make that complex task much easier.

05 April 2022

Maree Teesson to chair national mental health expert panel

Director of the Matilda Centre, Professor Maree Teesson AC will chair an expert advisory panel that will guide Australia's future roadmap in mental health research.
05 April 2022

University of Sydney joins Universitas 21 network

The University of Sydney has been welcomed as the newest member of Universitas 21, a global network of research-intensive universities.
05 April 2022

Robyn Ward to contribute to national healthcare research strategy

Under chairperson Dr Katherine Woodthorpe, Executive Dean & Pro Vice-Chancellor Medicine and Health Professor Robyn Ward will help guide Australia's future vision for health & medical research as part of an Advisory Committee announced by the Federal Government.
04 April 2022

New WFH and transport-related patterns emerge

After two years working from home due to the pandemic, many Australians have established a new working pattern according to a new survey by the University of Sydney Business School.
04 April 2022

Botany Bay spears obtained in 1770 to be displayed in Sydney

The Kamay spears, taken by Lieutenant James Cook from Botany Bay in 1770, are finally returning to Sydney.
04 April 2022

When floodwaters recede, where do they go?

University of Sydney researchers have discovered water-storing aquifers that perform a natural balancing act: they absorb water during floods and supply water during drought. Yet human intervention is limiting their function.
04 April 2022

Researchers find surprising twist behind rare neurological disorder

Researchers have unveiled the molecular backstory behind a rare neurological disorder, showing how a genetic mutation causes a malfunction in one of the most important molecular machines in our cells.
01 April 2022

Addressing gender disparity in jazz

The Sydney Conservatorium of Music is paving the way and positioning itself as a global leader as it seeks to address gender inequity in jazz through the Equity in Jazz Program. Central to the program is a postgraduate scholarship and mentoring program, with its first cohort of four candidates commencing in 2022.