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27 September 2022

Study provides new insights on teen vaping behaviour in Australia

A new study tracking Australian teenager beliefs and behaviours using vapes (e-cigarettes) has found many are readily accessing and using illegal vaping products, writes A/Prof Becky Freeman, Dr Christina Watts and Sam Egger.
27 September 2022

Khmer Rouge trial in Cambodia comes to an end. What now?

Dr Rosemary Grey and Dr Rachel Killean from the Law School explain the final verdict of the United Nations-backed tribunal in Cambodia that rejected the genocide appeal by Khieu Samphan, aged 91.
26 September 2022

Majority of Gen Z unaware of how meat consumption impacts climate

A survey of young Australians by a University of Sydney researcher found that while the majority believe climate change is anthropogenic - caused by humans - fewer than half understand the impact of livestock and meat consumption.
23 September 2022

Sydney faces Melbourne in first Australian Boat Race in three years

Olympic rower Tara Rigney and members of the 2022 Australian Senior Rowing Team will take up oars for the University of Sydney on Sunday, October 16, marking the first Australian Boat Race after two years of COVID-related cancellations. 

23 September 2022

Sophisticated robot drives innovation across musculoskeletal care

A $400,000 robot which could significantly improve hip and knee replacements is now operational at the Kolling Institute, a joint venture between the Northern Sydney Local Health District and the University of Sydney.
21 September 2022

Researchers uncover ‘pecking order of defaults’ as belts tighten

The University of Sydney Business School and credit bureau illion have confirmed which financial products are more valuable to consumers when they start to feel the pinch - and which ones they are likely to default on first.
20 September 2022

Graduate invention the cream of the oat crop

For some graduates, like Sarah Qian who studied in the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, the road less travelled can prove to be the most fruitful.
16 September 2022

Early career researchers awarded $9.5m funding

The University of Sydney has received funding for 22 research projects through the Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) scheme.
16 September 2022

Multiple NHMRC grant wins for Sydney health researchers

New NHRMC funding will help form closer University of Sydney research partnerships to tackle early diagnosis of cerebral palsy, improving health service delivery and surgeries.
15 September 2022

Free cannabis testing for ACT home-growers

A study will examine home-grown cannabis in the Australian Capital Territory for medicinal and non/medicinal purposes. The goal is to investigate cannabis consumption, behaviours and attitudes among users.