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15 September 2022

Seven researchers receive ARC Future Fellowship funding

Researchers from engineering, health, science, music, and media and communications have been announced as ARC Future Fellows, receiving a combined funding amount of $6.5 million to forward impactful research.
13 September 2022

Pace as important as 10,000 steps

10,000 steps a day is the 'sweet spot' for lowered risk of disease and death, but how fast you walk could be just as important according to new research.
12 September 2022

‘Techies’ help millions globally access better healthcare

From Haiti to Myanmar, Associate Professor Manoj A. Thomas of the University of Sydney Business School has improved healthcare access for millions around the world - and now his sights are set on Oceania.

12 September 2022

Is climate change disrupting maritime boundaries?

Rising sea levels, coupled with the natural variability of atoll islands and coral reefs, is creating new uncertainty in international law, with geopolitical implications.
09 September 2022

Barangaroo is a masterclass in planning as deal-making

Professor Dallas Rogers and Associate Professor Cameron Logan from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning examine how the redevelopment of the Barangaroo precinct on Sydney Harbour is a "world-leading example of unsolicited urbanism".
09 September 2022

Research partnership to address international energy challenges

A new agreement will see experts from Australia and India working together on renewable energy technologies that are robust, cost-effective and reliable.

09 September 2022

Sydney rated among world's most sustainable campuses

STARS has recognised the University for its Coordination and Planning achievements, alongside the innovative work produced by the Gelion Living Lab initiative.

08 September 2022

Female directors improve corporate social responsibility

Companies are more likely to take corporate social responsibility seriously if they have more women on their board of directors, new University of Sydney Business School research reveals.

08 September 2022

Stone age surgery: earliest evidence of amputation found

A team of Indonesian and Australian researchers have uncovered the oldest case of surgical amputation to date in Borneo. The find presents a remarkable feat in human prehistory.
07 September 2022

Five virus families that could cause the next pandemic

What are the viruses that scientists will be watching to stay ahead of the next pandemic? Experts including Associate Professor Cameron Webb from the University of Sydney provide their insights.