30 June 2023

How money is the love language of Taylor Swift's loyal fans

Taylor Swift's 2024 tour broke Ticketek records in Australia, resulting in two extra shows for Sydney and Melbourne. But what inspires such dedication? PhD student Georgia Carroll from Sociology in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences explains.
30 June 2023

The composition of a lifetime

Soprano, composer and educator Professor Deborah Cheetham Fraillon AO FAHA is a driving force in classical music. A champion of First Nations musicians, she is now returning to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music 37 years after her graduation.
30 June 2023

Device that can remotely monitor your breathing: as tested on cane toads

A new photonic radar system has been developed by scientists at Sydney Nano and the School of Physics that delivers contactless, high-definition detection of vital signs. It could be developed for use in ICUs, aged-care facilities and for people with sleep apnoea or infants with breathing concerns.
30 June 2023

Birth-related PTSD is 'strangely overlooked' in Australia

Research by University of Sydney psychologists examining post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among Australian mothers shows that about a third of women experience a traumatic birth. Of these women, one in eight had symptoms of post traumatic stress. 
29 June 2023

University of Sydney leadership on gender pay gap recognised

The University of Sydney has been admitted as a member of the Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC), an organisation which aims to achieve equal pay for women and men everywhere.
29 June 2023

Life beyond certain death: astronomers find a planet that shouldn't be there

An international team including University of Sydney astronomers has found the first planet that seems to have survived a star expanding to become a red giant.
29 June 2023

Opioids no more effective than placebo for acute back and neck pain

Opioid pain-relieving medicines are not more effective than a placebo in relieving acute back and neck pain and may even cause harm, according to a world-first trial led by the University of Sydney.
28 June 2023

Re-imagining Australia using a multilingual lens

'Opening the Multilingual Archives of Australia' project hopes to mobilise under-utilised non-English resources from over 50 languages to highlight the multilingual nature of Australian history.
28 June 2023

Sydney now 'Top 20' in QS World University Rankings

The University of Sydney is now placed equal 19th globally in the highly regarded 2024 QS World University Rankings, jumping 22 places from last year.
27 June 2023

Is Australia ready for future mind-reading technologies?

Recent advancements using artificial intelligence to extract meaningful thoughts from brain waves have concerned human rights and privacy advocates, who say technology is developing at a rate faster than the law. It is the first paper that considers whether Australia is prepared for the potential applications of neurotechnologies.