30 September 2023

Universities are too complex to be characterised by one number

Rankings try to characterise a university with a single number but it's more complicated than that, explains University of Sydney Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Emma Johnston.
29 September 2023

Study pinpoints the length of incidental activity linked to health benefits

Choosing the stairs or speedily sweeping can lower the risk of heart disease, according to new research in The Lancet Public Health.
28 September 2023

Day 3: Times Higher Education Summit 2023

The final day of the Times Higher Education World Academic Summit 2023, exploring the theme 'Collaborating for greatness in a multidisciplinary world'.
28 September 2023

University researchers and alumni to feature in SXSW Sydney 2023

South by Southwest conferences and festivals gather the world's most inspired thinkers and creators. Hosted outside of the US for the first time, SXSW Sydney will showcase University of Sydney researchers and alumni.
28 September 2023

Sydney in top 100 in THE World University Rankings 2024

In the 20th year of the Times Higher Education World Rankings, the University of Sydney is ranked 60th in the world. 1904 universities were ranked from 108 countries and regions.
27 September 2023

Day 2: Times Higher Education Summit 2023

Day 2 highlights of the 2023 Times Higher Education World Academic Summit include discussions around collaboration, industry partnerships, research impact, entrepreneurialism and the next phase for higher education.
26 September 2023

Day 1: Times Higher Education Summit 2023

Delegates from almost 50 countries have joined us on campus to explore the theme 'Collaborating for greatness in a multidisciplinary world'.
26 September 2023

How to manage exam season: take breaks and breathe

Associate Professor Paul Ginns' research shows that rest and relaxation maximises academic performance, even during exams. He explains why in The Conversation.
26 September 2023

Simulator lets students and researchers pilot aircraft, spaceships

The University of Sydney has acquired a 360-degree rotating cockpit simulator, allowing researchers and students to replicate the experience of piloting any aircraft from an A380 to a spaceship.
26 September 2023

Pacific Rim university leaders join forces on regional challenges

Senior leaders from Pacific Rim Universities this week discussed higher education's role in addressing major challenges facing the region.