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University researchers and alumni to feature in SXSW Sydney 2023

28 September 2023
A weeklong celebration of innovation and creativity this October
South by Southwest conferences and festivals gather the world's most inspired thinkers and creators. Hosted outside of the US for the first time, SXSW Sydney will showcase University of Sydney researchers and alumni.

Sydney is hosting the inaugural Asia-Pacific edition of South by Southwest (SXSW) festival this October 15–22, with University of Sydney researchers and alumni from a range of disciplines featuring in the program.

The weeklong celebration of innovation will take place across the Sydney CBD and its surrounding suburbs, and will feature a diverse lineup of more than 1,000 keynote talks, panels, immersive activations, screenings and performances.

Conference lineup

The conference series is at the heart of SXSW Sydney, featuring innovators and disruptors from tech, innovation, gaming, music, screen and more.

A number of University staff, alumni and students will feature in the SXSW Sydney conference series, including University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Mark Scott.

"It’s exciting that South by Southwest is coming to Sydney for the first time, and we're really pleased that members of our community are involved in the program. We have staff and alumni speaking as well as an on-campus festival – Someday Soon," said Professor Scott.

As people come to Sydney from all over the world to contemplate what our shared future looks like in the face of emerging technologies, it's great to be able to contribute to this important conversation." 

Session Select panels

University of Sydney researchers will showcase their work and expertise in the fields of business, arts and social sciences and nanoscience through three SXSW Session Select panels.

AI Fluency: What’s Coming For My Job? (Dr Sandra Peter, Professor Kai Riemer)

University of Sydney experts discuss the state of AI in this live recording of the AI fluency sprint.

Learn how AI works, what it can do, and what it means for our collective future in this expert panel featuring Dr Sandra Peter, Professor Kai Riemer, Dr Kellie Nuttall, and host Rae Johnston.

Dr Marcus Carter

Dr Marcus Carter

Death And Dying In Video Games (Dr Marcus Carter)

How do video games impact our understanding of death, as a society and as individuals?

From game design to the player experience, this presentation with Dr Marcus Carter and Frasier Allison explores the many ways that games incorporate both serious and playful themes for better or worse.

The Nanobots Are Coming (And That's A Good Thing): Radical Optimism For Life In 2050 (Associate Professor Alice Motion, Dr Taylor Szyszka, Queenie Yip, Karuna Skipper)

As we collectively face the challenge and threat of climate change, food insecurity, pandemics and an aging population, it’s hard to imagine what 2050 will look like.

This panel aims to challenge dystopian projections of our shared future, instead offering radical optimism through exciting new research and innovations. 

Big Questions With Adam Spencer and Special Guest Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

University of Sydney alumni Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is a special guest in this session with Adam Spencer.

Human VS Machine: The Great Creativity Wars

University of Sydney Professor Kimberlee Weatherall features in this session about machine learning and artificial intelliegnce.

Spotlighting experts in the fields of academia, technology and creativity, this panel will explore the timely question on everyone's minds: can machines replicate the human creative process?

Ash and Will - Support Act Feature

In this SXSW Sydney session, University of Sydney cyberpsychology researcher Ash King and Will from Support Act will discuss the importance of celebrating First Nations music makers, and offer insight into what to expect from their SXSW Yarning Strong live session, Songlines: The Intersection of Music, Creativity and Culture

Crowd at Someday Soon music festival

Photography by Michael Cole.

Someday Soon

Presented by the University of Sydney Union, Someday Soon returns to Manning House on 21 October as a partner of SXSW. Featuring major headline acts, this one-day festival will be held at the University's Camperdown Campus. Second release tickets are on sale now.

Learn more about SXSW Sydney and view the full program schedule.

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