30 March 2023

University project wins Anti-Slavery Australia Freedom Award

Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA) group and the Sydney Institute for Astronomy (SIfA) have won the Innovation Award for the OAASIS project at the 2023 Anti-Slavery Freedom Awards.
30 March 2023

Two researchers honoured in NHMRC Research Excellence Awards

Professor Eddie Holmes and Professor Greg Fox, both from the Faculty of Medicine and Health, have been awarded NHMRC Research Excellence Awards.
29 March 2023

Blinded by the light: gamma ray burst brighter than any seen before

Gamma ray bursts are the most explosive events in the Universe. Astronomers last year witnessed the brightest ever seen and have analysed the results, with a Sydney team providing important evidence.
28 March 2023

Eddie Woo joins Sydney School of Education

Award-winning maths teacher and YouTuber Eddie Woo, known to students worldwide as 'Mister WooTube', joins the Sydney School of Education as a Professor of Practice.
28 March 2023

University of Sydney researcher wins coveted $8 million Snow Fellowship

The Snow Medical Research Foundation (Snow Medical) has awarded Associate Professor Lining (Arnold) Ju and his team from the University of Sydney's School of Biomedical Engineering an $8 million Fellowship.
28 March 2023

TGA review strengthens case for much tighter vape restrictions at the border

Associate Professor Becky Freeman from the Faculty of Medicine and Health and the Charles Perkins Centre and Senior Advisor Paul Grogan from The Daffodil Centre explain how the TGA's advice will help combat the rise of vaping.

27 March 2023

Designing better buildings to stop water damage

Associate Professor Arianna Brambilla from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning will work with the Victorian Building Authority to establish best practice guidelines around the construction of moisture-resilient buildings.
24 March 2023

Earlier disclosure of COVID-19 origins could have saved us three years of political quarrelling

Professor Dominic Dwyer from the Faculty of Medicine and Health discusses the delayed release of the data on COVID-19's origins, which sights the possibility of raccoon dogs at the Wuhan markets.  

24 March 2023

Climate Fiction: can novels help us reckon with climate change?

Dr Meg Brayshaw, John Rowe Lecturer in Australian Literature, reviews J.R. Burgmann's debut novel Children of Tomorrow and explores whether literary fiction known as "cli-fi" can make us feel for lives unlike our own.

23 March 2023

How can we stop scammers slipping fake texts into legitimate SMS threads?

Dr Suranga Seneviratne from the Faculty of Engineering and Professor Carol Hsu from the Business School analyse how the proposed registry will help prevent these scams.