15 March 2023

Mediterranean diet reduces risk of heart disease, death in women

A world-first look at the effect of the Mediterranean diet in women confirms it lowers risk of heart disease and death and should be recommended for prevention.
14 March 2023

Sydney researchers awarded $47 million for medical research

Funding for 32 projects from the Australian Government's Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF).
14 March 2023

Culturally diverse people might resist frontotemporal dementia symptoms for longer

University of Sydney researchers who compared people with frontotemporal dementia have found that those born overseas who first spoke a language other than English can tolerate the disease longer before symptoms gain a foothold.

14 March 2023

Sydney researchers honoured by Australian Academy of Science

Researchers Professor Renae Ryan and Dr Rachel Wang have been honoured in the annual Australian Academy of Science honorific awards.
13 March 2023

'Maths anxiety' is a real thing - but there are ways to cope

More than 1 million young Australians are set to sit the NAPLAN numeracy test on Wednesday, 15 March. Dr Ben Zunica and Dr Bronwyn Reid O'Connor, lecturers in Mathematics Education from the School of Education and Social Work, explain how to help if your child is experiencing maths anxiety.
13 March 2023

NSW State election 2023

University of Sydney experts from a range of disciplines are available to discuss key election issues in the lead up to the NSW State election on March 25.
13 March 2023

Avian influenza viruses could spawn the next human pandemic

The next pandemic that cascades through the human population could be caused by a new influenza virus strain concocted in animals, against which humans will have little to no immunity. That's the conclusion of Australian and Chinese scientists who analysed close to five decades of animal influenza records.  

10 March 2023

Seahorses, chariots and making memories

New works from renowned Australian artist Mikala Dwyer meld with antiquities in a Chau Chak Wing Museum exhibition examining the vulnerability of species, memory and Greek mythology.
10 March 2023

Reducing trip hazards and decluttering can significantly reduce falls among older people at home

Eliminating hazards around the home, such as clutter, stairs without railings and poor lighting, can reduce the risk of falls for older people by around a quarter, according to a new Cochrane review.
09 March 2023

Moving on from COVID means facing its impact on mental health, say experts

A new review on the global mental health impact of the pandemic confirms feared increases in depression and anxiety, with leading experts saying little has been done to address what is set to become a mounting mental health crisis.