08 March 2023

Easing the housing crisis

Australia has taken a 'light touch' with Airbnb. Professor Nicole Gurran, from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning, investigates whether stronger regulations could ease the housing crisis.
07 March 2023

Spinal cord stimulation doesn't help with back pain, says new review

People with chronic back pain may turn to spinal cord stimulation to ease their pain, but a University of Sydney led Cochrane Review found no sustained benefits to the surgery that outweigh the costs and risks.
07 March 2023

Raising the Bar: innovation returns to Sydney's bars, pubs and live music venues

A blockbuster one-night event featuring 30 free talks at 15 venues tackling the theme 'Entrepreneurship and Innovation,' Raising the Bar will flex your brain on topics including medical technology, sustainability, circular economy, AI, robotics and more.

06 March 2023

How a letter to Sydney led Professor Jackson Pulver to open doors for future students

From nursing to academia, Indigenous health advocacy to philanthropy, Professor Lisa Jackson Pulver's legacy is one that she wants to live on - a gift in her Will to the University of Sydney is helping her to realise it.

06 March 2023

First in family: Guy Boncardo's journey from farm to philanthropy

When Gaetano (Guy) Salvatore Boncardo's parents immigrated from Sicily in the early 1950s they were dreaming of a better life. Now Guy is making sure that dream is realised for future generations by providing the opportunity of a university education.
06 March 2023

Making a difference in international energy law

Just a year after graduating, Niny Borges played an integral role in Timor-Leste's legal team, negotiating the Timor Sea Treaty. Now, she is one of the top-ranking women in the global energy industry.

03 March 2023

Sydney academics and alumni awarded 2023 Fulbright Scholarships

From fluorescent nanoparticles to novel quantum sensors in medical imaging, academics and alumni of the University of Sydney have been awarded Fulbright Scholarships.
03 March 2023

Most detailed geological model reveals Earth's past 100 million years

For the first time, scientists have a high-resolution model of how today's geophysical landscapes were created and how millions of tonnes of sediment have flowed to the oceans.
02 March 2023

Ant-Man is only tapping into a portion of the real superpowers of ants

Tiny ants might seem like unlikely inspirations and sidekicks for a superhero, but real life ants have astonishing superpowers that make them formidable allies.

02 March 2023

Poor sleep linked to years of poor cardiovascular health

Having trouble sleeping? A new study examines the link between poor sleep and cardiovascular disease-free life expectancy.