21 March 2023

Smashing the avocado myth: cutting brunch won't pay home deposit

According to new research led by researchers in the University of Sydney's School of Architecture, Design and Planning, saving on 'smashed avocado' brunches and other lifestyle options won't cut it for young people saving for their first home, even for those on a moderate income. Family support is now key for many to achieve their home ownership dreams.

21 March 2023

Scientists open door to manipulating 'quantum light'

The way light interacts with matter continues to enthral scientists and the human imagination, both for its theoretical beauty and its powerful practical application in fields like metrology and computing.
20 March 2023

Sydney Con leads gender equity shift in Australian music

Sydney Conservatorium of Music's Composing Women program led by Professor Liza Lim has demonstrated leadership and influence in the push for gender equity in programming and commissioning works by female composers in classical and art music.
17 March 2023

Calls for total elimination of direct sales of vaping products

All sales of vaping products other than those prescribed by a doctor to aid in quitting smoking should be stopped to curb skyrocketing uptake of e-cigarettes in young people, according to a leading tobacco control expert.
16 March 2023

Evolution not revolution: why GPT-4 is notable, but not groundbreaking

OpenAI's new GPT-4 model is more creative and capable of more advanced reasoning, but remains subject to the same limitations of its predecessors, writes Dr Marcel Scharth from the University of Sydney Business School.
16 March 2023

How to chase the five total eclipses coming to Australia

A new book, Eclipse Chasers, unveils First Nations knowledge, previously hidden contributions from women, and past expeditions so that you can prepare your celestial view for the next two decades of Australian eclipses.

16 March 2023

Cancer care and lessons learned from the pandemic

Experts say we need to plan for the next pandemic to ensure informal carers are not left out in the cold, after strict rules prevented good care.
15 March 2023

Australian unpaid social contributions valued at $287 billion

Australians generated at least $287.86 billion in value through unpaid social contributions in 2021, according to a new report from the University of Sydney's Mental Wealth Initiative.
15 March 2023

Are we alone? University and EnduroSat join up in search for life among the stars

Led by Professor Peter Tuthill, the TOLIMAN mission to search for planets capable of hosting life around Alpha Centauri has taken a step forward, engaging EnduroSat to take our technology into orbit.
15 March 2023

New process gives CO2 conversion more "bang for buck"

A new chemical process is giving carbon capture and conversion "more bang for buck" by more efficiently converting captured CO2 into multi-carbon products like ethylene, which are used in a wide range of everyday products from pharmaceuticals to plastics.