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NSW State election 2023

13 March 2023
University of Sydney experts available
University of Sydney experts from a range of disciplines are available to discuss key election issues in the lead up to the NSW State election on March 25.

With two weeks to go until the 2023 NSW State election, voters across the state are preparing to head to the polls to elect the 58th Parliament of New South Wales. 

The following University of Sydney experts are available to comment on key election issues, including: climate and conservation, cost of living, education, energy, gambling reform, healthcare and women's health, housing affordability, infrastructure and transport, integrity, politics and parliament and proposed changes to superannuation. 

Climate: Conservation, koalas, Murray-Darling Basin

Cost of living



Gambling reform

  • Dr Rohan Miller from the Business School can comment on Sydney’s night economy and alcohol-related violence, problem gambling and gambling availability, waste and recycling as a function of consumer behaviour and marketing. CONTACT: rohan.miller@sydney.edu.au 
  • Professor Sally GainsburyDirector of the Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic, can comment on gambling, including gambling problems, cashless gambling, prevention of problems and advertising. CONTACT: sally.gainsbury@sydney.edu.au

Healthcare and women’s health

Housing affordability

  • Dr Cameron Murray from the Henry Halloran Research Trust in the School of Architecture, Design and Planning can comment on housing policy, housing affordability, property market analysis and urban economics. CONTACT: c.murray@sydney.edu.au
  • Professor Nicole Gurran from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning can comment on urban and regional planning policy, housing policy, sustainability and planning, renters and renting, housing affordability and short term rental regulation. CONTACT: nicole.gurran@sydney.edu
  • Professor Stephen Whelan from the School of Economics can comment on housing tax policy, housing affordability, cost of living, macroeconomics, housing markets, inequality, social policy. CONTACT: stephen.whelan@sydney.edu.au 

Infrastructure and transport


Political parties/Australian politics

  • Dr Stewart Jackson from the School of Social and Political Sciences can comment on political party systems, the Australian Greens, policy formulation and program delivery, party and parliamentary systems. CONTACT: stewart.jackson@sydney.edu.au


  • Professor Susan Thorp from the Business School can comment on superannuation, life cycle finance, individual financial decision making, financial wellbeing and retirement. CONTACT: susan.thorp@sydney.edu.au 
  • Dr Cameron Murray from the Henry Halloran Research Trust in the School of Architecture, Planning and Design can comment on proposed changes to superannuation and retirement policy. CONTACT: c.murray@sydney.edu.au

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** Contact details for many media experts can also be found in our Find an Expert database

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