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Supporting excellence in data-driven research through SIH assistance

Sydney Informatics Hub supports a number of schemes to help researchers meet their data and HPC needs. Check out the schemes below.

SIH supported schemes

The SIH Project Scheme awards projects with in-kind support in machine learning, visualisation, natural language processing, predictive modelling, high performance computing, bioinformatics, and  statistics.

Applicants are welcome from all faculties, schools, and researchers.

Project Scheme applications are currently closed. Details for the next Scheme will posted on this page. Sign up to our newsletter to be notified. 

The Sydney Informatics Hub (SIH) HPC Allocation Scheme 2022 provides University of Sydney researchers access to time on the NCI Gadi supercomputer, the largest National HPC facility in the Southern Hemisphere. Service units available per quarter for 2022 through this scheme and will be allocated according to project merit and on a reasonable fair-share basis.

Round 2, 2022 applications will open 2 May  and close 5 June.

Round 2 will provide access to the NCI Gadi HPC Facility for Quarter 3 (Jul – Sep) and Quarter 4 (Oct – Dec), 2022.

To apply for the SIH HPC Allocation Scheme, Round 2, 2022, please complete this form

The Core Research Facilities User Access Scheme has been developed to invest in, and drive research excellence across the University by providing small grants to support user access to the facilities.

This scheme provides University of Sydney researchers up to two Full Time Equivalent (FTE) weeks of data and data analysis support from the Sydney Informatics Hub towards their project.

For detailed information, please refer to our guidelines.

To apply for the Core Facilities User Access Scheme, click here.