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Combined drying and crystallization in spray drying


This project will investigate a new combined approach to producing new engineered particles with controlled particle properties with reduced stickiness to improve the yield from processing and to improve the properties in storage and use.


Professor Timothy Langrish.

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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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This combined process is a new development that is evolving due to the need to stabilize powders produced from biological extracts.  A challenging issue is combining the heat, mass and momentum transfer processes with the kinetics of the solid-phase crystallization process because the temperature and moisture content of the particles influence the rate of crystallization.This project tackles important and outstanding research issues that are central to the advancement of science in this field:

  1. Modelling the kinetics of solid-phase crystallization at temperatures that are higher than ambient ones;
  2. Understanding of the way in which wall deposition and re-entrainment interact with the extent of crystallization in spray-dried products;
  3. Developing drying systems, being groups of dryers linked together, to achieve greater control of crystallinity than the control achievable through operating a single dryer on its own.

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