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Improving the Storage Stability of Dairy Powders by Crystallizing Spray-Dried Powders in Fluidized Beds


In this project, the storage stability of dairy powders will be improved by crystallizing spray-dried powders in fluidized beds.  


Professor Timothy Langrish.

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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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The spray-dried forms of these dairy powders are normally amorphous (random) in molecular structure, but these amorphous structures transform into crystalline ones slowly over time in storage.  In storage, the lack of control over the transformation process and the lack of agitation during this amorphous to crystalline transformation causes problems with caking, poor flowability and degradation.  To overcome these problems with poor control and lack of agitation during this transformation, the transformation will be carried out under control in a stirred fluidized bed where the transformation can be done relatively rapidly compared with the rate in storage.  This controlled process will give more stable powder products.

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