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Creating and Testing Naturally-based Preservatives for Breads from Australian Herbs


In this project, better and more natural preservatives for bread will be made using proteins as coatings for herbal powders. 


Professor Timothy Langrish.

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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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We will make dough, record how it rises, take pictures at different times during the rising of the dough.  Then we will make and add new naturally-based preservatives for breads, made from Australian herbs, and check that the bread still rises well.  The herbal preservatives will be coated with proteins so that the yeast is protected from the herbs during dough proofing, but the coating will melt on baking to release the herbs, providing protection to the bread against moulds.  Vitamin C will be used as a cross-linking agent to make the proteins less soluble during bread proofing.

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