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Improving the scale-up of spray drying for bioactive extracts and fibres


This project will improve the ability to scale up the spray drying of bioactive extracts and fibres.


Professor Timothy Langrish.

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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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The project will do this by exploring the effect of operating conditions on the yield from spray drying (quantity) and the antioxidant capacity of the spray-dried bioactive powders (quality).  The aim of this project is to use recent advances in understanding the flow patterns, thermodynamic behaviour, powder stickiness and crystallization-in-drying behaviour inside spray dryers, developed at the University of Sydney and elsewhere, to better operate the equipment.  We will scale up the spray drying of bioactive extracts and fibres from small scale to pilot scale and assess how to overcome the limitations.  These materials are currently very difficult to spray dry in any way, but our expertise in crystallization-in-drying offers the real prospect of large-scale production by this method.

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