22 January 2021

"Of no cultural significance": The science of understanding Country

Aboriginal people’s connections to Country are complex and intertwined with all the other aspects of their lives. Working with local custodians, archaeologists can provide a tool for the protection of Country and culture.
22 January 2021

Conjuring water from thin air — A beetle's guide to innovation

Water scarcity is a serious global issue, but what if water could be conjured out of thin air? Learn how the Namib Desert Beetles extract water from fog on their shells and the innovative research on these materials.
22 January 2021

Buried deep – the medical benefits of an ancient herbal plant

We are on the crest of a turning medical cannabis wave, but the same reform is lacking for substances such as coca, a plant well-regarded for its medical benefits in South America.
22 January 2021

Fisher space pen

The Fisher pen company developed the technology of an anti-gravity pen for the Apollo program with the cost as small as $2.39.
22 January 2021

Safeguarding chickpeas from significant changes in climate

There's cultivars of chickpea that are more tolerant to high temperatures, meaning they maintain a similar yield at higher temperatures compared to ambient, but we’re not entirely sure why or how.