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Institute of Medical Physics

Improving healthcare through the fusion of physics and medicine
We use fundamental physics to solve challenging medical issues. We improve lives through imaging and radiation therapy, employing cutting-edge techniques and technology to provide innovative solutions.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our courses, research projects, team members, and resources. If you have any questions or interests in our work, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for visiting our page!

Our Aims

  1. To establish a world-class medical physics research institution that collaborates closely with clinical teams at affiliated hospitals to identify and address clinical needs.
  2. To foster a culture of innovation and creativity within the research institution, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration across various scientific disciplines to develop cutting-edge technology that can be applied to clinical problems in imaging and radiation therapy.
  3. To promote strong clinical translation of research findings into clinical practice, ensuring that patients benefit from the latest advances in medical physics to improve patient outcomes.
  4. To provide training and education opportunities for students, researchers, and clinicians interested in medical physics, developing new talent to drive the field forward.
  5. To build strong partnerships with other research institutions to leverage resources and expertise and advance the field of medical physics.

Graduate Programs

Students wishing to study medical physics with us may undertake either a coursework program towards the award of a Master of Medical Physics degree or a Graduate Diploma in Medical Physics, or a research program towards the award of a Doctor of Philosophy  or a Master of Science.

Faculty and IMP Leadership

Professor, Director of IMP Annette Haworth University of Sydney, School of Physics
Emeritus Professor David Thwaites University of Sydney, School of Physics
A/Professor, MP course coordinator Paul Charles University of Sydney, School of Physics
Adj A/Professor Lois Holloway Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research
Adj A/Professor Jeremy Booth Royal North Shore Hospital
Adj A/Professor Joerg Lehmann Calvary Mater Newcastle
PhD Robin Hill Chris O’Brien Lifehouse
PhD Jonathan Sykes Blacktown Hospital
PhD, CINSW Research Fellow Sirisha Tadimalla University of Sydney, School of Physics
PhD Yaser Gholami University of Sydney, School of Physics
PhD Robert Finnegan Royal North Shore Hospital
PhD Sianne Oktaria University of Sydney, School of Physics
PhD Sarah Alnaghy University of Sydney, School of Physics
Professor Zdenka Kuncic University of Sydney, School of Physics
A/Professor Natalka Suchowerska University of Sydney, School of Physics


Research Affiliates 

Dr Jason Dowling
Dr  Helen Gustafsson
Dr Dale Prokopovich
Dr John Kipritidis
Dr Jenny Diffey
Dr Nick Hardcastle
Dr Michael Jameson
Dr  Joel Poder
Dr Kerwyn Foo
Dr  Simon Biggs
Dr  Thomas Greig
Mr Siddharth Mehta
Dr Peter Lazarakis
Dr Jeffrey Barber
Dr Hayley Reynolds


2023 Teaching Staff

Professor Annette Haworth (IMP Director)
A/Prof  Paul Charles (Course Coordinator)
Dr  Sianne Oktaria (Course Admin)
A/Prof Bruce Yabsley
Dr Damian Holsinger
Dr Elizabeth Hegedus
Dr Helen Ritchie
A/Professor Jillian Clarke
Dr  Will Rae
Mr Andrew Chicco
Dr Will Ryder
Dr Michael Smith
Ms Rochelle McCredie
Dr Andy Shieh
Dr  Urszula Jelen
Ms Lucy Cartwright
Dr  Dale Prokopovich 
Dr  Jeffrey Barber 
Adj A/Professor Jeremy Booth
Dr  Joel Poder
Dr  Jonathan Sykes
Dr  Michael Jameson
Dr  Robin Hill
Dr  Jennifer Diffey
Professor Roger Fulton
Mr Siddharth Mehta
Dr  Kerwyn Foo
Adj A/Professor Lois Holloway
Dr  Erin Wang
Dr  John Kipritidis
Dr  Peter Lazarakis
Dr  Robert Finnegan
Dr  Sirisha Tadimalla
Dr  Yu Sun


IMP Community/Affiliates/Associates

Professor Peter Greer
Dr Philip Vial
Dr Simon Downes
Mr Christopher Lee
Mr David Skerret
Mr Erin McKay
Adj A/Professor Martin Ebert
Dr Ben Zwan
Mr Kankean Kandasamy
Ms Kristie Harrison
Dr Tina Gorjiara
Dr  Martin Butson


(Collaborative Online Platform for Physics Experts in Radiotherapy)

COPPER is an online sharing and collaboration platform aimed at radiation oncology medical physicists. COPPER provides a forum for physicists to share a wide range of items. Access is limited to health professionals. To request access, please email Liz Claridge Mackonis. All users are encouraged to contribute content to share on the site. 


Leadership Course – Leading Self, Others and Teams

Date: 12 October 2023

Registration: To register your expression of interest, please contact Sarah Alnaghy at

Details: As part of our NSW Ministry of Health (MoH) collaboration, the Institute of Medical Physics has partnered with the University of Sydney Centre for Continuing Education to run a leadership course for medical physicists. This one-day workshop will be run at the University of Sydney Centre for Continuing Education, Missenden Road, Newtown. The workshop will host a maximum of 15 participants. Further information can be found here.



Date: 27 November 2023

Registration: TBA

Abstracts: The abstract template can be found here.

Details: This annual ACPSEM event, run in collaboration with the University of Sydney, provides an opportunity for all NSW/ACT medical physics students and TEAPs to present their work. As always, generous prizes will be on offer. This is a great networking event with everyone invited to attend. We will call for abstracts in August. Watch this space! 

Annette Haworth

Professor of Medical Physics
  • Room 502 Physics A28