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Where to lunch and relax on campus

From bars to secret gardens, there’s plenty of spaces to kick back on campus. Here’s a low-down of our favourite spots to relax and hang out with friends.

Whether you’re looking for a secluded spot to relax in between classes or a place to have lunch and hang out with friends, there’s no shortage of spaces on campus to kick back and relax.

Here are some of our favourites at the University's Camperdown/Darlington campus. 

Vice Chancellor's Garden

Perfect for a seculded relaxation sesh or mini photoshoot (#usyd)

Vice Chancellor’s Garden

Located between the Main Quadrangle and the Pharmacy Building, the Vice Chancellor’s Garden is a picturesque, little-known garden boasting plenty of greenery, shade and benches. The Garden is the perfect secluded spot to soak up some rays in between classes or to have a bite to eat with a view. 

Most likely to encounter 

If you're lucky, you may not encounter anyone! But if it’s a particularly lovely day you may find a few solo students relaxing or studying quietly.  

Manning House

Meet new people and enjoy live music all year round. 

Manning Bar 

Located on top of Manning House, the famous Manning Bar has been a haven for students in between and after classes since opening in 1974. Coming alive in the evening, Manning Bar boasts a ton of pub-fun like trivia, live music and theatresports. 

Most likely to encounter

As a cherished live music venue, you’ll often find crowds of music lovers reveling at one of the many gigs held throughout the year. You may also find students meeting for club and society gatherings. Watch out, they may try to recruit you!  

Students on the banana lounges at Cadigal Green

Eat, nap or study on the banana lounges at Cadigal Green, perfectly located between Redfern Station and the main campus buildings.

Cadigal Green 

Conveniently situated on the walk to Redfern Station, Cadigal Green is a great spot to study in the sunshine or park yourself on one of the banana lounges for a bite to eat (or a quick snooze). 

Most likely to encounter 

Local ibises rule these parts, so hide your lunch if you intend on taking a nap! You'll also find students and locals alike enjoying the tranquil green surrounds and views of the Old School Building.

Anderson Stuart Courtyard

Listen to music or a podcast, take a seat on a wooden bench and enjoy the shade under the trees.

Anderson Stuart Courtyard 

Another relatively litte-known spot, Anderson Stuart Courtyard is the perfect shady retreat on a hot summer's day. With entryways to the Courtyard via Eastern Avenue, Fisher Road and Manning Road, the seculded spot is located in the heart of campus.

Most likely to encounter 

Faculty of Medicine and Health students walking to and from class, as well as students and staff from all walks of life enjoying the heritage Courtyard. 

A black and white photograph of people on Fisher Library's rooftop terrace with views of a sandstone clocktower

Fisher Library terrace in the 1960s. 

Fisher Library terrace (coming soon) 

For the first time in more than 30 years, the University will reopen the Fisher Library rooftop terrace, offering sweeping views across the campus and city. While the timing is yet to be finalised, the University's working towards reopening sometime this year. 

Most likely to encounter 

Students, staff and library goers enjoying views of sandstone as far as the eye can see, as well as the Sydney city skyline. 

Last updated: 20 December 2022

2 March 2017

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