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5 things you didn’t know you can do in Canvas

Make learning a breeze with Canvas
University systems and tools can sometimes feel like they need a course of their own – especially if it’s your first time using them. Here are 5 things you need to know to help you navigate Canvas, our online learning platform.

1. Set up your notification preferences

Do you prefer to use your mobile or email? Or do you prefer receiving updates as soon as possible, once daily or only each week? On Canvas you can choose how, when and what notifications you receive. Refer to our guide on setting up Canvas notifications to take advantage of this feature.  

2. Personalise your dashboard 

It's easy to personalise your dashboard on Canvas. Your dashboard is where your units of study and other modules are displayed.  

You have the option to colour coordinate courses, group them together and set a nickname for them. You can also change your dashboard view to display either card view, list view or recent activity. Refer to our guide on Canvas navigation to find out more.  

3. Access course material for the entire length of your degree 

Want to keep tabs on an interesting paper you read for a past unit of study? Or want to reference an assignment you completed last semester? On Canvas you can view past course material, readings and assignments for the entire length of your degree.

For most units of study, you can also access course material before classes start – usually one to two weeks prior.  

4. Stay on top of your assignment deadlines

All assignments will automatically show up in your Canvas calendar, so you can easily keep track of deadlines and exams. You can also transfer your assignment deadlines to another existing calendar – simply download a calendar feed link to load the dates into the calendar.  

5. Access 24/7 support

For urgent Canvas help and support, you can contact Canvas Live Chat. Support employees can help you troubleshoot just about anything at any time of day – logging in, submitting an assignment or accessing a unit of study or module.  

Log in to Canvas and start exploring. If you need help, check out our Student Canvas Guide.

Last updated 19 December 2023.

12 March 2018