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Let’s face it – no one likes to study in a loud and messy space. This exam season, help keep our library spaces serene and clean with these five simple tips.

BRB Library Cards

Claim your spot respectfully

Looking for a study nook to call home? There are plenty of library spaces to support your diverse study needs, including silent zones, group study spaces, desks, computers, chill out zones and space to explore and play with tech. There's bound to be a perfect study spot, just for you. We just ask that you consider those around you. Clean up after yourself, take your things with you when you're done and be mindful of those who are also in their perfect study nook.

Want to claim your favourite spot? Book it online. Bookings can be made up to 48 hours in advance for up to three hours at a time. If you need assistance, Library staff are always happy to help.

Need a study break? You can hold a desk in the Library for up to 30 mins with a BRB card. Get a card from the Library entrance or information desk, write the time you left on the card and pop it on the desk.

Serenity now

While group study might require a bit of chatter, it's important to be considerate of others studying silently around you. Respect the designated silent zones and switch your mobile phone to silent. If you need to chat at length, find a place where you won’t disturb others or consider taking it outside and getting some sun and fresh air too!

Keep it safe

Be mindful of walkways and keep personal belongings and cables out of the way. Leaving belongings unattended is risky. Be sure to take your valuables with you when you take a break. If you notice suspicious behaviour, please notify staff at the information desk or security.

Borrow respectfully 

The Library has short loans available for items in high demand. Be respectful of the 3-hour loan limit and return short loan items to staff at the information desk when your allotted time is up. Find out more about the Library's borrowing terms and conditions

Keep it clean

While you're free to have non-alcoholic drinks and food in our libraries, it's important to remember that libraries are study spaces at heart so be mindful of others around you. If you're consuming hot food, we ask that you do so in designated areas only. 

Craving delivery? Please enjoy your takeaway outside. The USU provides dining services and seating across the University for you to use.

Please also remember to always throw out your rubbish in the bins provided and leave the area clean.

Last updated: 1 November 2022

9 November 2018

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