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Mathematics prerequisites: what are my options?

Ways to get into your dream degree without maths
To prepare you for a changing world, the University has mathematics course prerequisites for some degrees. So, what if you don’t meet the maths prerequisites for your preferred course? Let’s explore your options.

I did general maths in my HSC

Did you do well in general maths and feel confident in attempting a higher level? You may consider enrolling into a course without maths prerequisites and completing an accepted level maths unit in your first year. You can then apply to transfer in your second year. You may even get credits for the subjects you’ve completed in your first year.

I didn’t study maths after year 10

If you are wanting to enrol in a course with the mathematics prerequisite but did not study maths after year 10, you still have choices. If maths isn’t your strong suit, you may still meet your career goals by completing another degree, such as a Bachelor of Arts. With our shared pool of majors and minors, you could complete a major that relates to your interests and original course preference.

There are a wide range of courses without maths prerequisites including (but not limited to):

Search over 200 undergraduate courses to view their admission requirements.

I am in year 10 and need to make my subject selections

It's important to understand that a prerequisite is different to assumed knowledge and is a requirement to enter the course. To be eligible to receive an offer at the University of Sydney for degrees such as agriculture, economics, commerce, engineering, health, medicine, psychology, pharmacy, veterinary science and science, and some combined law degrees, a band 4 in HSC Mathematics Advanced (or equivalent) is a prerequisite.

If you are considering any of these options at uni, we'd recommend taking HSC Mathematics Advanced (or equivalent), not general or standard.

When do the mathematics prerequisites not apply to me?

There are many students for which the maths prerequisites will not apply. Visit mathematics course prerequisites for more information.

I won't know if I have met the mathematics prerequisites

Although you won't know if you have met the maths prerequisites before course preferences close for entry, do not let this discourage you from choosing your dream degree. We recommend putting your preferred course as your first preference to ensure you are considered.

Last updated 6 July 2023

4 December 2018

Eddie Woo

Eddie Woo
Professor of Practice, Sydney School of Education
“Mathematics has enabled us to design machines at subatomic scales. It’s the backbone of artificial intelligence that can play chess, drive cars and identify cancers far better than humans ever could. But the thing I feel most strongly about, amidst all the futuristic technology, is how mathematics can make us more human.”

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