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A new day on campus – what are you looking forward to?

Everything is waiting for you. We’re almost there.
After years apart, we’re just a few short days away from being back on campus for the 2022 academic year. And we couldn’t be happier.

The lawns are freshly mown and manicured.

Lecture halls are being dusted, lecterns polished.

Even the sandstone is looking extra special, shining in the Sydney sun.

It’s been a rough two years for everyone. We’re all counting down until we’re back into the swing of in-person learning and on-campus activities. It's a moment to pause, refresh, and wipe the slate clean.

The beginning of a new semester brings new possibilities. It’s the chance to start fresh, finish what you started, and turn ambition into reality.

To help you get inspired, watch our film and read about some of the things we’re most looking forward to about being back on campus. 

What will you start today? The possibilities are endless.

On-campus events and Welcome Week

Whether this is your first year of uni, or just your first time back on campus in a while, nothing bookmarks the start of new semester better than Welcome Week.

Welcome Week is all about diving headfirst into university life and trying new things. Why not explore new cultures in a museum tour, or make new friends at a speed-friending events? There’s so many great events planned to help welcome you to campus, and introduce (or re-introduce) you to student life. 

Have a look at our full list of Welcome Week activities to plan how you'll start the semester.

Want to get stuck in to the study side of things? Check out our support events page. Whether you need a hand with setting up good study habits or want to get your head around how the Library works, we’ve got you covered. 

The views and the vibes

In our humble opinion, campus serves up some of the most gorgeous spots in Sydney. 

From sandstone architecture to sweeping lawns, there’s nothing like taking a stroll across campus and taking in the views to help you feel inspired. 

Not sure where to start exploring? Fair enough – it’s been a while since we’ve been on campus. Check out our list of top 10 Instagram spots on campus.

Hanging out with friends IRL

Although Zoom does a pretty good job of mimicking in-person social events online, there’s nothing like catching up with friends face to face. 

Looking for a nice place to have a meet up with the mates from your degree that you’ve only ever seen on a screen? Check out some of our on-campus food and drink venues. With live music back on campus this semester, maybe you'll find a new passion. 

In-person learning

Everyone in the University community has done an incredible job of making remote and online learning work. 

Students have given their all, putting in the hard yards despite sketchy internet connections and “you’re on mute!” moments. And teaching staff have gone above and beyond, making sure each and every student can access world-class learning opportunities despite the distance. 

Although some students will continue to learn remotely for a little while, we’re so excited that face to face classes are kicking off again.

Of course, as we come back on campus, nothing is more important than making sure everyone in our university community stays safe. Make sure you’re across our COVID guidelines to help keep on-campus learning safe for everyone.

15 February 2022

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