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How to bring your idea to life with Student Life Grants

Lead the way with ideas that strengthen and support our community

Student Life Grants provide funding and support for students to create innovative co-curricular projects that build a sense of community.

Have an idea for an event, activity or project that seeks to enrich campus life and strengthen our community? Apply for a Student Life Grant before 9 am Thursday 3 November for the opportunity to bring your idea to life.

You can apply as an individual or a group to access up to $3000 of funding and development support for project ideas that support our student community in the areas of social activities and mentoring, professional development, community contribution and academic research.

What's new in 2023? 

In addition to the Welcome Week, General and Dalyell grant streams, the Sustainability Action stream has been added to fund projects which enable and embed sustainability across the University community in 2023. Projects for this stream can include: 

  • repair stations inline with the reduce, reuse, recycle principle

  • recycling guides

  • pollinator projects (like native bee hive building)

  • worm farm workshops

  • sustainable art exhibits

  • renewable energy demonstrations

  • zero waste cooking classes

Applications for Student Life Grants are now open. Apply before 9 am Thursday 3 November. 

Want to brainstorm your idea? 

We’ve got you covered! Register to attend the information and brainstorming workshop on Tuesday 11 October from 12 pm - 1:30 pm to hear about the grants and work through guided exercises to really flesh out your idea. 

If you have questions your application, please reach out to the Student Life team at

5 October 2022

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