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From the classroom to community: getting involved in sustainability on campus

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Find out everything you need to know about getting involved in sustainability at University, from studying the practice to joining sustainability-driven clubs and societies.

Did you know that our University is ranked equal 1st in Australia for sustainability? From running all our campus operations on 100% renewable electricity to composting food waste with our very own biodigester, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at the University.

Want to get involved in sustainability at the University? Here are some ways you can incorporate sustainability into your learning, research and campus life. 

Architecture students working

From architecture to journalism, you can apply sustainability studies across a range of industries and careers.

Study sustainability and pursue a career with impact

Contribute to building a sustainable future and immerse yourself in a multidisciplinary undergraduate major in sustainability as part of your degree. This is an exciting, brand-new major and will equip you with the multidisciplinary thinking and skills needed to address complex social, economic and environmental challenges. 
A sustainability major opens diverse career opportunities in a range of fields, including government, law, consulting, policy and planning, journalism, architecture, and business. 

It’s exciting to see this new opportunity for our undergraduate students come to fruition this year. This major is a critical learning offering, and we are delighted to support excellence in sustainability education.
Director of Sustainability, Gillian Graham-Crowe

At the postgraduate level, a Master of Sustainability will challenge you to further deepen your understanding of sustainability and pursue a career with a positive impact.

Learn more about studying sustainability at Sydney

Build sustainable habits and practices

Small changes can have a huge impact. By implementing various sustainability-driven initiatives on campus, we’ve made it easier for you to make the switch to more eco-friendly practises and behaviours, so you can be part of wider positive change. Here are a few examples around campus: 

Wentworth Building Recycling Wall 

Do you have items that can’t be recycled easily at home? Bring them to campus! Tricky items such as pens, beauty products, face masks, batteries and e-waste can be dropped off at the Enabler Recycling Wall in the Wentworth Building. Look out for the baskets on the bright yellow wall just opposite the food court.

End-of-trip facilities on campus 

Want to ditch the car and run or cycle to University? With over 27 end-of-trip facilities across our Camperdown/Darlington campus, you can place your gear in a locker and freshen up in the shower while feeling good about taking a more sustainable route to campus. Search for end-of-trip facilities on Campus Maps

Borrow reusable cups on campus

Did you know that you can borrow a reusable cup from any café on our Camperdown/Darlington, Camden and Conservatorium of Music campuses for free? Simply download the free Green Caffeen app to receive a Green Caffeen resuable cup.

Sustainability stall at Welcome Fest 2023

The University's sustainability stall at Welcome Fest 2023.

Join a sustainability-driven society 

Find your people by signing up to the many sustainable student societies at University. It’s a fun way to contribute to a more sustainable community, while making new friends and learning new skills. As broad as sustainability is, so too are the types of societies you could sign up to.

Interested in equitable and sustainable food options? Join the USYD Food Co-op. Keen to reduce, reuse and recycle? The Waste Fighter Society is your club. Want to join the fight again fast fashion? Join the Fashion Revolution. Interested in urban gardening and growing your own food? Join the Gardening Society. Enjoy social bike rides? The Bike Society is your perfect match. 

Visit the USU Clubs and Societies page to view the full list of sustainability-driven groups.

Team up in the University’s sustainability challenge

Kicking off on Tuesday 28 March, the Green Impact challenge asks you to form a team and work through a toolkit of practical sustainable actions, from upskilling your sustainable literacy to banding together to build wombat burrow flaps to combat the mange which is devastating their population. Every action counts, and teams are recognised for their contributions with an awards ceremony at the conclusion of the competition. Sign up to our mailing list to learn more. 

Be inspired by leading research

The Sydney Environment Institute (SEI) brings together experts from  the University and beyond to address critical environmental issues, from the energy transition to disaster adaptation.

SEI runs a thought-provoking program of public events with scholars, industry experts, policymakers and community leaders to engage in the latest societal challenges and solutions. Check out SEI’s upcoming events and podcasts, or subscribe to the SEI newsletter to get the latest updates.

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27 February 2023

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