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STEM courses open up a world of opportunity
As new fields of STEM employment continue to emerge, it’s important for today’s graduates to be agile and able to adapt their skills to this fast-changing global economy.

What is STEM education?

STEM is an acronym that describes research and learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. At the University of Sydney, we refer to it as STEMM which includes study in medicine as well. Studying STEMM courses will help you to develop the skills that many employers are looking for now, and into the future.

What can I do with a STEM degree? 

The range of STEM careers is broad and diverse, from biomedical engineering and software development to psychology and accounting. Our graduates are leading varied and fulfilling careers - we've taught Australia’s first astronaut, an Antarctic explorer, a chief scientist and a Nobel laureate. 

The future is looking bright for tech innovators and critical thinkers, and our degrees can help you get an edge over the competition.

Why study STEMM with us?


Our purpose-built labs, teaching and learning hubs are home to the latest technology and equipment, providing you with an engaging and hands-on educational experience. Find out more about the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine and Health and the Faculty of Engineering's laboratories and facilities.


We want all of our students to graduate with a global perspective and we promote opportunities for you to study abroad or participate in international fieldwork and projects. Find out more about international opportunities in the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine and Health and the Faculty of Engineering.


If you’re not ready to decide on an engineering discipline, our Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Flexible First Year) program allows you to test the waters before choosing an area in which to specialise.


Our combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies program allows you to get more out of your time here and graduate with two degrees. High achievers can further enrich their education with the Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours) or Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Dalyell Scholars).


We're striving for gender equity in our STEMM courses. One third of our engineering students are female, the highest proportion at any Australian university. Find out more about women in engineering and women in science.