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5 things you didn’t know you can do in Canvas

Still getting used to Canvas? Some of our students have been busy building these units - we’ve asked them for their top tips to make study easier:

1. Personalise your notifications

Do you want an SMS when your assignment has been marked? An email sent to your Gmail when a due date changes? Do you want these notifications ASAP or only once a day? You can personalise how, when and what notifications you receive. See our guide on setting up Notifications to take advantage of this feature.

2. Save your data - preview files before downloading them

You’ll have many linked PDFs and documents in your unit sites, like readings, lecture notes and marked assignments. In Canvas, you can view these files on your screen instead of needing to download them first. Click the small paper + magnifying glass icon next to a link to preview the document. Then you can decide whether to download it now or wait until later.

3. Stay organised with all your assignments in one place

If you love being organised, you’ll love the calendar function. If you’re not organised, you’ll be thanking Canvas! All assignments will automatically show up in your calendar, so you don’t have to worry about missing a deadline. You can view dates for all units on the one page or filter the view to see a specific unit. If you already use a different calendar – eg Google, iCal, Outlook – you can download a calendar feed link to load the dates straight into your existing calendar.

4. Access course material for the entire length of your degree

Before Canvas, you weren’t able to access unit material after the semester ended. Now you’ll be able to access all of your course material after the semester is finished. You won’t be able to edit content, but you’ll be able to view past assignments or readings – handy if you need to reference them in future units of study.

5. 24/7 live help

It’s 2am and you’re having issues trying to submit an assignment. Unfortunately you can’t contact your tutor for help, but you can contact Canvas Live Chat. Real people sit behind the online chat, not robots. In fact, they’re proper employees based in the UK or USA. If you need help at any time of the day, you’ve got the experts right at your fingertips.

Log in now and start exploring. If you need help, check out our Student Canvas Guide.

12 March 2018

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