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How to avoid a mid-semester slump

Tips to help you power through the second half of semester
Former Arts student Tiffany shares her top five ways to keep your energy levels high and make the most of your break - despite looming assessment deadlines.

It's that time of the semester again – when mid-sem hits and due dates loom, but the sun is finally out, and dreams of travel are no longer just dreams. It's easy to feel like you're drowning in a caffeine-fueled routine of work, uni and other commitments and all you want to do is escape.

It's no surprise that many of us can start to feel a drop in energy levels by the time week 6 rolls around. Here are five easy, wallet-friendly ways to help you avoid the mid-semester slump and finish the semester off strong - these tips got Tiffany all the way through her degree.



Set goals

Okay, this one sounds so cliche, but I promise it works. Whenever mid-semester hits, I find myself losing motivation. To combat this, set goals for yourself, both short-term and long-term ones. They don't have to be HUGE, just small road marks that you can achieve. For example, sometimes I tell myself I need to spend 30 minutes reading over my notes, or to grasp a particular theory this weekend, or write one paragraph of my next assignment.


Treat yo self

This one follows on from the first one. Reinforcement is important, so whenever you complete a goal, give yourself a little reward. I'm not talking about pricey ones (but hey whatever floats your boat), rewards can be anything that makes you happy. For me, sometimes I treat myself to a coffee, gelato or an episode of a favourite TV show... anything that makes you happy. But something that gets you away from a computer screen is strongly recommended! 


Keep your connections

As the semester gets busy, it can be hard to make time to hang out with friends, have a talk with family and just add some 'social' into our lives. But sometimes a quick chat with a friend, or a phone call home to loved ones may be the recharge you need to soldier on. Uni is stressful and talking it out with friends means you know you're not going through it alone.


Change up your routine

Going through the same routine every day for 8 weeks can start to take its toll and things start to get a bit stale. Changing up your routine a little bit may be the kick you need – variety is the spice of life. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic change, it could be something as simple as walking a different route to class, finding a different study spot, or changing up your outfit.


Take. A. Break.

This one seems the most obvious way to avoid an oncoming mid-sem slump, yet it’s something many of us neglect, and is the reason for mid-semester break in the first place.

Allow yourself one day to just relax and empty your mind of anything that is related to uni. Go out with friends, treat yourself to brunch, do something you love and haven’t done in a while. Take a much-needed break and recharge your battery. 

Good luck with the rest of the semester. We’re halfway there so keep powering on!

This article was last updated on 19 April 2022.

23 September 2019

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