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05 June 2023

6 ways to finance your postgraduate study

From student loans, CSP and scholarships to HECS-HELP. Find out the best way to fund your postgraduate degrees and check your eligibility.
31 May 2023

5 ways to de-stress this exam season

Exam season can be stressful, but there are some simple strategies you can apply to manage your stress and anxiety during this time. Here are five ways to de-stress during exams and help ensure you finish Semester 1 on a high note.

29 May 2023

What you need to know about the new Academic Integrity Policy

The University witnessed a notable upsurge in reported breaches of academic integrity throughout 2022. The shift to online learning and the continued evolution of the global cheating industry has led to increases in academic integrity breaches, which can have serious consequences for students.

18 May 2023

Everything you need to know about in-person exams

With the return of on-campus learning for all students in 2023, most students will need to get ready for in-person exams. Here's everything you need to know — including how to prepare, what materials to bring and rules you need to abide by.
18 May 2023

Plant the seed for a brighter future

The Sustainability Action grant, a new addition to the 2023 Student Life Grants initiative, provides students with funding and mentorship to innovate co-curricular projects that enable and embed sustainability across campus life and within our broader community.

24 April 2023

Meet the students driving sustainability efforts in our community

We spoke with two executives from the Waste Fighters Society about how their team fosters a sustainability-minded community on campus through fun, informative and collaborative waste fighting initiatives.

05 April 2023

How to create a prize-winning design for clothing and merchandise

You don’t need to be an artist or fashion designer, or even use the fanciest tools or design software to create prize-winning designs for t-shirts, hoodies and other merchandise. According to an expert, all you need is a clear vision, an appetite for experimentation and a can-do spirit.

31 March 2023

Budget-friendly ways to spend this mid-semester break

While it’s important to use this time to catch up on some study, make sure you also find some time to relax and recharge so you’re ready to tackle the rest of semester. Here are some budget-friendly ideas for how you can spend your break. 

20 March 2023

Staying safe on campus

The safety of our University is everyone's responsibility. Here are some steps you can take to help ensure our campuses are safe to work, learn and access. 

13 March 2023

How to protect yourself from scams

Scams can affect anybody at any time, in person or online. Learn how to identify different types of scams and how to protect yourself, so you can safeguard yourself and others from harm.