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A multidisciplinary approach to sustainability

The University's postgraduate programs in environmental science and sustainability take a broad, multidisciplinary approach which allows students to gain an understanding of the complexity of sustainability.

SEI does not run postgraduate courses, but you may wish to explore a few environmental education courses and units available on campus.

Sydney Sustainability Program – Faculty of Science 

The Sydney Sustainability program offers students a broad foundation in the study of sustainability by drawing core content from six faculties and including a range of electives taught across nine faculties. The program provides a thorough foundation in sustainability which allows graduates to appreciate the complexity of sustainability and understand the effects of change in various sectors. 

The Sydney Sustainability program includes three qualifications: the Graduate Certificate in SustainabilityGraduate Diploma in Sustainability and Master of Sustainability. These qualifications offer:

  • A foundation in sustainability, including core aspects of energy and resources, health, food and water security, policy, analysis, society and change.
  • A multidisciplinary approach, with core and elective units currently being delivered by multiple faculties.
  • Flexibility in the choice of elective units and, for Master of Sustainability students, the design of the capstone research project.

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Postgraduate degrees in Environmental Science 

The Master of Environmental Science, Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science and Graduate Certificate in Environmental Science are articulated coursework programs that allow flexibility in the depth at which studies are undertaken and the choice of subjects studied. Some of the major themes offered include environmental chemistry, ecology, climate change, renewable energy production and environmental policy. The program is designed for both recent graduates wishing to obtain employment in the environmental field and graduates already working in an environmental sphere who are interested in gaining a formal qualification in environmental science.

Environmental managers and scientists need to have a broad interdisciplinary knowledge base and the ability to be flexible and innovative in their application of environmental knowledge. The aim of the program is to provide students with the ability to solve environmental problems that require the integration of knowledge from diverse disciplines. Emphasis is placed on studies spanning several disciplines, adaptive problem solving, and the development of new skills and expertise. 

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