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Funding and scholarships

Scholarships and funding available through Sydney Environment Institute

From our Honours Fellowship program, through to postgraduate and visiting fellowships, we offer a number of funding opportunities for higher degree researchers. 

Funding and Scholarships

The aim of the SEI Honours Research Fellowship is to provide a supportive environment for young researchers while exposing candidates to multidisciplinary approaches to addressing critical environmental issues. The Fellowship program gives candidates unique access to the SEI’s global network of leading environmental scholars, as well as:

  • mentoring from a senior academic outside but complementary to the candidate’s discipline to promote multi-disciplinary thinking.
  • a bursary of $2,000 towards research costs.
  • the opportunity to collaborate on multidisciplinary projects with researchers across the University.
  • the opportunity to contribute toward multi-authored articles.
  • a hot desk in the SEI office in the Quadrangle (for the duration of the Fellowship).

This scholarship provides financial assistance to PhD students who are undertaking research in one of the core areas of Sydney Environment Institute's collaborative work.

This scholarship provides a stipend equivalent to the University of Sydney Research Training Program (RTP) stipend rate for up to 3.5 years, subject to academic performance. 

The year I spent with the SEI interacting with leading thinkers on climate change challenged my views, expanded my knowledge and embedded in me the value of returning to the research for guidance and advice.
Elisabeth Wale, Policy Officer, Department of Social Services (2015 SEI Honours Research Fellow)