28 July 2022

The hornbills are falling: conservation and dispossession

On World Nature Conservation Day, SEI Postdoctoral Fellow June Rubis reflects on hornbills in peril in Malaysian Borneo and draws parallels to ongoing practices of coloniality experienced by local Indigenous peoples.
25 July 2022

SEI welcomes Emma Bones as General Manager

We hear from Emma Bones, our new General Manager, about her work experience from consulting to not-for-profits, and the importance of advocacy in the climate space.
15 July 2022

Sydney’s flood crisis – and three ways to stop it from happening again

SEI member Dale Dominey-Howes reflects on the urgent need for stronger governance and planning for future disasters in light of recent flooding in Sydney.
13 July 2022

Avocados, health and a critical perspective on ‘healthy’ food

SEI member Myriam Durocher reflects upon what is deemed ‘healthy’ in Western food cultures and why we should renew these ideals to consider the broader social and environmental impacts of our diets.
04 July 2022

Introducing Kirsten Jackson, SEI’s new program manager

We sit down with our new Program Manager, Kirsten Jackson, to learn more about her background and interests.