18 October 2022

Rethinking capitalism in an age of radical change

How do we confront our own failures in the climate crisis? In this reflective piece, Arts student Simone Maddison draws parallels between the neoliberal agenda and environmental destruction, and considers alternative roadmaps to move beyond the Anthropocene.
17 October 2022

How can we tell difficult stories differently?

In response to our recent workshop on Environmental Storytelling in Diverse Media, SEI researchers Freya Grace MacDonald and Jennifer Degar reflect on shifting narratives of climate crisis, and the power of stories to transform our relationship with the environment.
16 October 2022

Community perspectives on organising, growing and eating in the climate crisis

On World Food Day, we hear from our Grounded Imaginaries community researchers in India and Australia on how we can reimagine our food systems.
11 October 2022

Call for EOIs: Sustainability at Sydney and SEI collaborative research projects

Sustainability at Sydney and SEI are inviting Expressions of Interest for researchers to work on two collaborative research projects on sustainable consumption on campus, and flight reduction.
06 October 2022

Is there still hope for an Australian Urgenda?

In response to the success of global climate litigation, Law student Larissa Isakov considers the potential to hold government and corporations accountable for climate harms here in Australia.
04 October 2022

Engaging in collaborative research and crossing disciplinary boundaries

SEI 2022 Collaborative Fellows James Dunk and Paul Rhodes reflect on the value of multidisciplinary research for their project exploring youth-led participatory action on climate distress.