29 August 2022

The politics of climate change and the Danish Climate Citizens' Assembly

How can citizens effectively drive change? We hear from Visiting Doctoral Fellow Ingrid Helene Brandt Jensen from the University of Copenhagen on her research into democratic theory and public engagement in Denmark.
19 August 2022

Policy employment pathways for researchers and students

How can you transition your career from academia into policymaking? Here, we outline key takeaways from a recent workshop hosted by SEI and Sydney Policy Lab where we heard expert advice from environmental policy professionals who successfully made the move.

16 August 2022

Glass as a metaphor for multispecies injustice

In response to the theme of this year’s National Science week, SEI researchers Danielle Celermajer and Matthew Darmour-Paul argue that ironically- hyper-transparent glass spaces can exacerbate the divide between humans and the more-than-human, and act as sites of violence.
08 August 2022

Environmental governance failures in Australia: probing problems and seeking solutions

In response to the dire findings of the 2021 State of the Environment Report, SEI researchers Rosemary Lyster, Danielle Celermajer and Frank Stilwell reflect on how Australia’s political, legal and economic context has propelled severe environmental decline in recent decades.
02 August 2022

The entanglements of oil palm plantations

SEI member Sophie Chao’s new book, In the Shadow of the Palms, examines the impacts of oil palm plantations on Marind communities in West Papua. Here, in conversation with Christine J Winter, we learn about her work in engaging with the Marind People, and the social, political and environmental demands of the oil palm.
01 August 2022

Call for submissions: SEI student series on climate futures

SEI is inviting University of Sydney students to contribute to our blog under the theme ‘climate futures’.