28 November 2022

SEI’s collaborative research projects for 2023

SEI’s 2023 Collaborative Grants have been awarded to a diverse range of researchers across the University.
23 November 2022

SEI welcomes Suhasini Gunatillaka to the team

We hear from SEI's new Administration Officer, Suhasini Gunatillaka, about her work background and interest in environmental issues.
17 November 2022

How could Australia transform its approach to building in flood-prone areas?

As many parts of Australia experience increased flooding, Architecture student Bethany Hooper looks to global examples of building design and planning that centre resilience and adaptability in a changing climate.
14 November 2022

Connecting with nature and community on campus

During Urban Agriculture Month, we hear from Matilda Risso, one of the students behind the University of Sydney garden, on the importance of community and learning how to grow your own food in the city.
08 November 2022

Drawing the climate and reimagining our future

How can we reimagine our climatic and social imaginaries? SEI Doctoral Fellow Freya MacDonald reflects on how the climate crisis is represented in images across multiple disciplinary settings.
02 November 2022

Championing environmental and sustainable values within cultural institutions

What is the space for environmental and sustainability researchers and students within cultural institutions from galleries to museums? We hear from professionals in the field on their career pathways and advice for working in the sector.