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Sydney’s high-profile Southeast Asia initiatives

The University of Sydney is fostering a deeper understanding of Southeast Asia through initiatives based on regional and global partnerships.

The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre works with a number of high-profile initiatives within the University to support research on Southeast Asia. These initiatives foster regional partnerships based on academic and applied research excellence.

Related University of Sydney research centres

Angkor Research Program

Taking the study of Angkor from theory, through pure research and applied research, to creating international business opportunities for Australian industry and developing teaching resources on Angkor for the High School curriculum in Australia.

Established in 2006, the Australian Centre for Asian Art and Archaeology (ACAAA) coordinates, consolidates and expands teaching and research in modern Asian Art and Archaeology, and pre-modern art not previously covered in Australia.

Centre for Asian and Pacific Law

A leading centre for the teaching and research of law and legal systems in Asia and the Pacific.

Department of Indonesian Studies  

Providing a rounded education in Indonesian Studies to produce graduates who have both language skills and significant country knowledge.

Department of Peace and Conflict Studies

Supporting advocacy, research and teaching at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary critique of social and political structures and behaviours that perpetuate violence and injustice.

Hoc Mai Foundation

The Australia Vietnam Medical Foundation improving medical education in Vietnam by a partnership of Australian and Vietnamese medical/healthcare knowledge and experience.

Marie Bashir Institute for Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity

Facilitating research and knowledge exchange for improved understanding of complex interactions that fuel the emergence and spread of infectious diseases, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Mekong Research Group is a leading international centre of expertise on development, natural resource management and the environment in the Mekong region.

Office for Global Health

Contributing to the health and wellbeing of our region by engaging in health projects with some of our nearest neighbours.

Sydney Vietnam Academic Network


The Sydney Vietnam Academic Network is a collaboration of multi-disciplinary researchers who seek to expand the lives of communities and individuals in Vietnam via education and research.


Sydney Vietnam Institute

The University of Sydney Vietnam Institute facilitates and strengthens intellectual and cultural exchange between Australian and Vietnamese researchers, academics and students.